Deep Marketing conceptualizes brands and business processes from the ground up and makes the existing ones shine. The firm is eager to create solid brands, well-crafted content, and advertising campaigns that attract quality customers. And, yes, the firm believes amateur work is over.

- Ryan Allen, GoodFirms

Original article title: "Sailing The New Marketers Boat With Experienced Men."

The Birth Of Italian Marketing House

Francesco worked for a long time as a marketer for big companies. In those places, he saw for himself what managers have to deal with. He met the first group of smart, talented people with whom he decided to start Deep Marketing and help people with their problems.

Deep Marketing is run by former managers; ergo, it knows its clients' challenges well because its professionals have been in their shoes for many years. Because of this, the agency is hyperflexible, fast and provides a very wide range of services to different markets.

By acting as a dependable, considerate, and competent "one-stop shop" for all their client's marketing requirements, the company hopes to make their clients' lives easier—the complete marketing mix, up to the entire marketing.

Decoding Market With Experienced Team

When our GoodFirms expert asked Galvani what made his agency unique from others, Francesco replied, "I think the real strength of Deep Marketing is the fact that the management does not come from other agencies. Weare all former managers, meaning we have been our own clients."

He further said, “Our clients realize firsthand this deep differentiation and it is always something they thank us for in feedback. They often feel somewhat frustrated by the processes and ways of working of traditional agencies and feel they can breathe when they work with us.”

“In addition, with our knowledge and professional team, we invest in creating cutting-edge tools for us and our clients. For instance, we have recently activated an exclusive dashboard to monitor conversions and attribution of advertising campaigns, PR and press activities and web analytics. The tracking technology is proprietary and GDPR-compliant,” the CEO added.

Agency That Serves Worldwide

On being asked what industries you generally serve, Francesco said, "One of our differentiations is that we do not focus on a single industry. We want to develop and spread know-how through the market.”

Figuring Your Marketing Budget

"It depends a lot on the size of the client," said Francesco when our expert asked him to elaborate on some of the most popular services offered by their agency. 

"Finally, large companies or top advertising spenders, for example, ask us for help in improving advertising KPIs and optimizing budgets," Francis said.

Some of our esteemed clients are Genertel, Tunit, Plant Based Clinic, Serpac, Stenal, Noval Group, Mediterranea Bio Veg, Entando, De Angeli Prodotti, PT Torino. These brands are international companies and among the leaders in their market.

That's why the company ranks as one of the  Top Media Buying Agencies in Italy, according to GoodFirms.

Higher Client Satisfaction

We asked Francesco, how satisfied are your customers, and what help do you offer? He said, "the dropout rate of our clients for now is statistically insignificant. Which is expected since we are a small company that attracts customers largely because of our reputation."

He added, "Project managers and accounts are very important to Deep Marketing and we demand that they are often available to clients, consistent with the complexity of the individual project. We offer clients quick answers in chat, video calls or periodic face-to-face meetings and reports."

Follows Efficient Pricing Model

The CEO told us that they are structured to serve large projects but also with small budgets. 

"Taking ONLY monthly and recurring activities as reference, the smallest project was 750 euros per month, the largest about 10 thousand euros per month; this was the price range of the projects that Deep Marketing served in 2021. ‘One-shot’ activities fluctuate up much more," he added.

Predicting The Future For Deep Marketing

We concluded the interview with Francesco Galvani with our typical final question: what do you think Deep Marketing will be in the next ten years? He replied, "It doesn't cost anything to dream, right? So, let's dream big! I want Deep Marketing to be among the 'top' companies in Italy and Europe in terms of respectability and to be a reference point for those who seek the Golden standard and quality-based marketing."

He added, "I personally invest a lot of time in developing proprietary technology solutions provided free of charge to clients, and in writing articles on marketing based on scientific papers and evidence."

This was an excerpt of the entire conversation; the detailed interview can be found on the company's GoodFirms profile page

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