Agolab is the Nutraceutical Laboratory of the Farmacie Agostini Group, a very solid and respected business in Bergamo with 4 stores, 3 testing laboratories and a staff of nearly 20 people.

Conceived and founded by Giovanni Cristini, a multiple graduate and licensed in Nutrition and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, AgoLab aims to offer products that really work and safe, quality dietary supplements to people who really need them every day.

An ultra-competitive market

He sells mostly online, with a website specializing in supplements, one of the absolute most competitive and complicated areas for online sales, for several reasons. From regulation, to the number of competitors, to the high cost per conversion.

Prior to the start of the collaboration between AgoLab and Deep Marketing, the company's advertising business was always undermined and bombarded by constant Facebook "banning," which is quite typical in the industry. All advertising accounts were targeted by the platform, undermining the robustness and continuity of business results derived from this channel. The products were and are effective and the customers satisfied, but with a little-known brand and without consistent online advertising activity, we know how difficult it is to expand in a market as competitive and full of pitfalls as the pharmaceutical and related segments.

A digital marketing strategy for online sales

As soon as we took over the brand's digital marketing activities, we tried to systematically test a large number of ad campaigns on various flagship products and with statistically relevant variations, making sure that they were always in line with Facebook's stringent advertising regulations. We succeeded: at the time of writing this article (spring 2022), none of the ad accounts had been stuck a single day for more than a year.Once we found stability in marketing management and cash flow, we activated a growth strategy, testing different products, different types of audiences and creative, and began to scale the campaigns on the best variants, coming up with results on some campaigns such as:

  • ROAS or Conversion Value of 10.34 during the Black Friday period and 7.36 on average for the entire duration of the campaign.
  • An interaction rate of 5.83 percent (in spite of an average in the Beauty & Fitness sector of 1.33 percent).
  • A cost per click of €0.41 (in spite of an average in the Fitness sector of €1.61).