De Angeli Products, the Italian industrial excellence

Selected in 2021 for Fabbriche Vetrina by Fondirigenti and Confindustria, it won the BPER Bank Resilience and Innovation Award, and in 2020 Corriere della Sera awarded it ninth place among Italian "Champion companies."

Insulated and enameled wires, carbon fiber, guard ropes, advanced components for electric motors, smart cables. Underlying De Angeli Prodotti 's success is the true Italian industrial culture based on research, innovation and investment, combined with the human and social values of which one of our peninsula's most visionary CEOs, Dr. Luca Mora, is a sponsor and great inspiration.

Since 2020 this work ethic and seriousness has met with Deep Marketing, and together we have created a partnership that we are more proud of every day.

Carbon fiber results


De Angeli Prodotti entrusted us with the core of its corporate image, and we took it apart, optimized it, and recreated it as one does precious things, in a total brand restyling.

We made it more modern and more in line with the reference context through better coherence with the deep needs of customers, created a new international website, developed a very strong distinctive brand positioning, helped the company develop know-how, and widely disseminated De Angeli Prodotti content on the channels that would best enhance this extraordinary reality.

The results have branched out so much that today De Angeli Prodotti's newsletters have an openrate of more than 50 percent, its digital marketing campaigns target the difficult German, American, and Northern European markets, and it fights with the world's leading companies thanks to excellent interaction rates (CTRs) even on "no-branded" campaigns. And the company has a multi-channel content marketing strategy that creates one extended team between Deep Marketing and some internal area heads.

Its 200 million in sales still seems small in the face of the Green revolutions that De Angeli Prodotti has managed to weave and communicate. And it is no coincidence that it has increased production capacity by 50 percent in 2022.