This case study is particular. Instead of dedicating ourselves vertically to one Deep Marketing client and its specific challenge, we think it can be very interesting to explore together how even small budgeted projects can be approached with professionalism and expertise.

A marketing agency must be able to guarantee quality to even the smallest client. This is part of the ethics of the profession.

A downtown clinic

Let's start with Moresthetics, a luxury clinic in Milan's Brera area. During a restyling of its corporate image managed by the creative agency Le Dehors, we were responsible for designing and creating a website perfectly consistent with the brand's new refined, "uptown" style.

Our designers have blended the authoritative, feminine style with extensive use of floral themes with a functional and pleasing layout. With many small "grafts" to embellish the experience. This site was able to greatly increase the clinic's Google ranking, raise the target clientele, and improve new lead flows.

An online shop of candle-shaped sculptures

A market that is strongly vertical and made up of small numbers for now, but definitely growing and loved by more and more people. Let's talk about handmade candles.

&Soul - And Soul - is a small brand by a very talented artist. Carmen Di Vita. Candles that are as beautiful as a sculpture and designed as decorative elements. All natural and cruelty free, handmade in Italy using 100% vegetable origin wax and wicks made of wood or natural cotton.

For Carmen we created a small site that is very elegant, like her works. We tried to grasp her creative identity and turned it into pixels. As &Soul's e-commerce demonstrates, one can work with satisfaction and great results even with little effort. As long as there is respect for the uniqueness of the customer. The store contains every feature one might expect from a contemporary online store, but nothing is invasive.