The first high-quality veg e-commerce

Deep Marketing agency was commissioned to create the logo, brand identity, strategy support and e-commerce site for Natigua, Italy's first plant-based food e-commerce. Deep Marketing's approach was to collaborate as an external partner, leveraging its expertise and experience to create a modern and impactful brand identity for Natigua.

The most interesting open was certainly the profound aesthetic and qualitative differentiation that was demanded between Natigua and existing players in the online health food shop arena. On the one hand, the managers of this new brand intended to project an image of professionalism and quality of rendering that was definitely superior to the competition, but on the other hand this should not be at the expense of the brand's values and tone of voice. Which speak of lightness, genuineness, almost "playfulness."

A great challenge.

A differentiated brand identity

To win it, di Deep Marketing worked closely with Natigua's teams to develop a comprehensive brand identity that reflected the company's values while being attractive to customers. To this end, it conducted rigorous market research, developed a detailed competitive analysis, and identified potential customer segments. The team also conducted surveys and informal interviews to better understand customer needs and preferences.

With this information in hand, Deep Marketing created a logo and brand identity that would emphasize Natigua's commitment to quality, authenticity, and taste. Without ever overdoing the seriousness, however. The logo was designed to be modern and impactful, with a warm color palette that would stand out from the competition and reflect the company's commitment to sustainability, in the metaphor of the sun radiating the Earth and the colors of the Caribbean countries, which management was inspired by starting with the name.

The logo also features a stylized icon depicting the relationship between the earth, grain, and rebirth, which highlighted Natigua's main offering, with products such as high-quality, organic seitan with excellent nutritional value.

Technologically and visually contemporary E-commerce

Finally, the team created a professional e-commerce site for Natigua, optimized for mobile devices. The portal was designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a sleek and modern interface, yet consistent with the brand's tone of voice. The site was integrated with Natigua's existing inventory management system to ensure that customers could easily browse and purchase the company's products.

For now, Natigua offers product lines from Mediterranea Bio Veg and ClearSpring, two leaders in the Italian and European vegan market. But it is ready to welcome new categories and brands for distribution.

In the post-launch phase, Deep Marketing is providing Natigua with ongoing strategic support, including advice, advertising planning, strategic reviews, and PR and influencer support. This will enable Natigua to stay ahead of the competition and ensure that brand identity and strategy remain relevant.

Deep Marketing's partnership with Natigua is proving to be a success. The company's brand identity and website have been well received by customers, and Natigua has seen a launch with lots of sales and strong player interest.

Deep Marketing's expertise and experience have been invaluable in helping Natigua build a successful and sustainable business.