Generational change

In fall 2021, our challenge begins. One year after the departure of the founder of Noval Group, a historic Campania-based high-end window and door company, the company's son and new CEO contacts Deep Marketing for a quick change of direction, including generational, for his company.

He desires a forward-looking company while remaining rooted in solid technical and entrepreneurial skills.

A new light

Unrecognizable [ir-ri-co-no-scì-bi-le], adjective.

The impossibility of recognizing the Campania-based company a few months after Deep Marketing's intervention: the Noval Group is totally renewed and the modern vision of products and corporate culture is embodied in every action.

We reconceived logo and corporate image and built a contemporary and streamlined website. We took over institutional communications and advertising campaigns and organized a large, luxurious event under the Galleria Umberto 1 in Naples with nearly 300 people and television presence.

The increase in credibility, combined with digital advertising campaigns and ad hoc social network management, has led to a linear growth in visits, contacts, and interactions for this great jewel from Campania that today spreads the elegance of Made in Italy in more than twenty countries.

Formidable results

After the image and brand relaunch phase, what is called operational marketing began, that is, the set of concrete actions aimed at giving visibility to the brand, bringing traffic to the site, and generating new customers.

Probably the most interesting aspect of the whole operation is the excellent results of the digital advertising campaigns. The cold numbers testify to an acquisition cost per well-profiled lead of just over 10 euros, so extremely low. In fact, we are talking about B2B contacts with high potential value and turnover, being architects, installers, construction companies, designers interested in a window and door manufacturer for their works.

But what matters is the quality of these contacts, because it is all in all easy to generate leads inexpensively, as long as you accept a large number of disinterested people or opportunity seekers. Any kid or follower of a guru can bring you even hundreds of leads. But they are junk.

Here, however, we are talking about contacts who have largely already become customers or are in the advanced stages of acquisition.

Note the importance of looking at the whole picture and not assigning all the credit to individual campaigns, another typical mistake of inexperience. It is the entire rebranding strategy , the quality of the content and visuals, a strong CEO presence, a credible site, and a quality product that enables well-designed campaigns to reach such heights.