A perfectly differentiated brand

In the fall of 2022, Deep Marketing agency was hired to help the Nuttch brand create a unique and distinctive brand identity, an excellent website, and then accompany the company to conquer the challenging U.S. market for eco-friendlyunderwear. With the channels of content marketing, online advertising, public relations and link building.

Given the brand's emphasis on theenvironment, fitting, comfort, and beauty, the brand's designers and Deep Marketing's creative team decided to work on a differentiating identity that would echo these values.

Nuttch's high quality starts with its supply chain

The design team created a brandbook and website capable of highlighting a strongly low-impact, inclusive, quality-driven brand , with colors and images carefully chosen to attract attention and convey the brand's message committed to sportswear and underwear.

Nuttch's homepage, the perfect mix between the spirit of the brand and its designers

Launching in one of the world's most competitive markets

As Black Friday straddled, Deep Marketing's PR team set out to create a strategy that would allow the brand to reach its target audience quickly and effectively. The U.S. market is neither easy for new brands to attack nor quick to assimilate new products, especially in segments already saturated with competitors. This is why we made it a priority to achieve the first results in terms of visibility and indexing on Google in a maximum of three months, so as to strongly counterbalance the country's innate inertia toward new players.

In keeping with the Deep Marketing tradition, working with the client side by side in a "one virtual team" allowed for constant discussion and exceptional decision-making speed. This is critical when an aggressive strategy must be created, but to be declined on a weekly basis following trends and constantly fluctuating data.

.The team implemented an online-first awareness creation plan, consistent with the need for quick results. Channels were activated according to an inverted "U" logic with cumulative effect: we started with magazines and media related specifically to the industry to create coverage in the target audience, then added large media-outlets to expand reach and credibility. In the (few) weeks, we combined this PR-mix with link-building activities on portals and tools of different levels, from forums to very high Domain Authority sites. It has been an orchestrated effort like a set of musical instruments intent on playing a score that is by no means obvious.

The combination of SEO activities and media relations strategies enabled the brand to reach more than 10,000 monthly unique users within two months of launch from organic, Google, and the media we partnered with.

Some of the PR releases for Nuttch:

Obviously, it is not possible to launch a brand without the contribution of digital advertising, one of Deep Marketing's strengths. Skills that have allowed our agency to be included by GoodFirms among the best Italian agencies in digital advertising. The marketing mix was then balanced by shrewd planning in terms of display and search.

The success of this collaboration is allowing Nuttch to continue to grow despite incredible market challenges. It has also helped create a unique and distinct brand identity that resonates with customers, as well as an excellent website that putsenvironment, fitting, inclusion and beauty first.