Let's talk about pants, and more

Synonymous with the highest quality Italian fashion, with more than 1,000 retailers worldwide and listed on the stock exchange. We are talking about PT Torino, a brand of the company Cover 50.

Let's talk about the Italian pants by definition. Conceived, designed, unfashioned, loved in Turin. And not just pants.

Deep Marketing for PT

As of 2019, we are, with true pride, the digital marketing team of PT Torino. Consistent with the full expression of Deep Marketing's deep values and soul, we have created with the company's CMO a perfectly symbiotic partnership. The in-house office is extended through Deep Marketing into a single reality without edges and corners.

We accompanied the company in a deep rebranding, from a pants manufacturer to a total look brand. We are in charge and have been in charge:

  1. Of the development and promotion of the brand's internationale-commerce and partner integrations.

  2. Of creating and nurturing through newsletters a database of tens of thousands of profiled and active customers.
  3. Of writing a blog dedicated to "style stories" with editorials to support customers in choosing a look.
  4. Of marketing aimed at assisting global distribution.
  5. Of social media management.
  6. Of the development and management of the B2B virtual showroom.

Thanks in part to our support, PT Torino's digital transition was a success, supporting the company in generating profits even during the Coronavirus crisis that battered competitors.