Serpac is a leading company in the hazardous goods transport packaging sector. This is therefore an exquisitely B2B sector, with all the difficulties involved due, for example, to the inertia of companies to switch to the online medium for purchasing their materials.

The big challenge of a B2B e-commerce

But Serpac in the online really wanted to believe in it, and created for its existing and potential customers, an e-commerce, simply, gigantic. That includes hundreds of products including: labels and panels complying with ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG, ICAO-TI/IATA regulations; UN-approved boxes, technical absorbers; ceramic blades, scissors, scrapers and cutters; ADR equipment and bags; overpallets, adhesive tapes, dehydrating products; security seals and warning tapes; shipping documents and UN approvals.

No less.

So a huge challenge, both for the transportation industry and for the entire B2B market. So when Serpac asked Deep Marketing for help in getting its e-commerce and web credibility off the ground, we felt honored.

Successful Google Ads Campaigns

For all this vast and diverse catalog, a few SEM campaigns had already been attempted - prior to the start of our collaboration - with modest success. As you can easily imagine, these are not ordinary campaign set-ups and management, a professional and diverse approach is needed.

In late 2020 and early 2021 we took over old campaigns and tested some new ones on Google Ads. After a few weeks of testing we selected 4 search campaigns with results between good and optimal. As a result, between mid-April through the month of July we focused all our efforts on these campaigns optimizing them by keywords and by ads, with results that were significantly better than any previous SEM campaign.

Note that the choice of the months of late spring and early summer were not random: any real marketing operation is a craft and there are no easy predictions, as some gurus imply. We therefore decided to respect the client by focusing the tests in the months of average seasonality, so as to have a statistically significant amount of traffic and purchases, but without the risk of negatively affecting periods of high sales.

The success numbers speak for themselves: in the flagship campaign alone we achieved in two and a half months:

  • Hundreds and hundreds of purchases, well above average.
  • An average conversion rate of 13%.
  • A ROAS (return on investment) consistently hovering between 50 and 70 points. Definitely a stellar result.

So "findings" were then applied over time to high campaigns, clearly with appropriate adjustments.

Branding and PR

The excellent results of the collaboration with Serpac are, as is often the case, the result of an almost natural and fruitful union between two partners who speak the same language and are equally obsessed with work well done and meaningful measurements.

That is why Serpac's staff thought it reasonable not to limit themselves to sales support campaigns, but put all their cards on an even more ambitious and even rarer marketing strategy in Italian B2B.

A real rebrading and repositioning of the brand at the top. Overhaul of logo, corporate image, messaging, visual makeover of the site with contemporary styles, discussion of the best UX and UI choices, a lot of constant comparison work on indexes and improvements.

Isn't that enough?

As with great aspirational brands, Serpac accepted, during the spring of 2022, our idea of accompanying it in a solid PR effort, with interviews and planning in magazines, newspapers, headlines, and vertical media for all areas of expertise, from logistics, ecology, waste treatment, to - of course - hazardous goods. This secured premium exposure that greatly enhanced its brand value and supported it in intercepting quality customers during trade shows and business activity.