A challenging rebranding

Tunit is an extraordinary brand of accessories created to provide Apple users with the ability to connect, protect, and power their devices in the most efficient and design-friendly way possible. Each accessory is designed with a minimalist approach and seamless compatibility for a spontaneous, hassle-free user experience.

Underlying Tunit's success is an unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions that make life easier. This effort underlies the 40-year-long values of the company that owns Tunit, namely Gruppo Med, Italy's leading distributor of Apple technology solutions, and an official partner of the Apple company. Since the recent merger between Med and Juice, Tunit is now part of Italy's largest Premium Reseller in terms of number of outlets and certifications.

Quite a load of responsibility.

Today Tunit offers products of all kinds, from screen protectors to cases, from chargers to cables, all aimed at ensuring maximum convenience and reliability for your Apple devices.

The word "Apple" was not repeated at random in this introduction. While normally any rebranding challenge is important, doing it with a brand that is so intimately associated with the Apple world and that must adhere to its very strict product quality and communication policies becomes a truly exciting and complex undertaking.

More Fashion in Tech

The collaboration between Deep Marketing and Tunit began in the spring of 2022 and was immediately efficient and straight to the point. The Marche-based company and the "Deep" team created a single working group, like an extended virtual office. At the table were managers, sales people, art directors, digital marketing experts and copy. In a few weeks we reconceived a new tone of voice for the brand, totally revised the image, and created from scratch an editorial agenda made of text and images. What was certainly the most difficult and interesting point was to combine the functionality of Tunit's accessories with a fresh and extremely creative visual language that could break out of the canons seen a million times in "tech" communication.

With the photo shoot session, we concretized our vision for the new Tunit image.

Stay upstream!

As you can easily see, the Deep Marketing team's long experience in the fashion industry has led to a high-quality and totally innovative result for the technology accessories segment. We put a strong commitment to collaborating with clients from different markets and refuse to limit ourselves to a particular segment. Our dedication to this countercultural approach has been validated time and again.

It just works. It just works, as Apple would say.

Obviously, a rebranding job does not stop at graphics, but includes the entire brand strategy.

The end result for Tunit is acharismatic brand identity that perfectly encapsulates the brand's philosophy and values, as well as resonates with its customers. While this kind of comprehensive brand overhaul may be intimidating to many companies, for us it's just another day at the office!

Operational marketing

Of course, it almost never happens that a rebranding project ends with...rebranding. After defining the new content and image branding strategy and creating all campaign materials and for the first months of the new course, we focused on the website, digital campaigns and digital PR. With an eye on SEO and corporate blogging.

From the typographic details to the visual forms, Tunit's mission of design and simplicity, combined with a rebranding that winks at fashion, organized by Deep Marketing, is evident. No element is left to chance. From the Apple-style rounded corners to the use of pastel colors, watermarks and UI elements, the site combines the soul of "product" with that of a branding tool.