A brief and gentle introduction to Brand Awareness

In this article we will explain what are the main benchmark metrics for measuring our brand's resonance and strength.

share of voice

Is your brand strong enough? Measure it with the Share of Voice

How can we measure brand strength and understand where we are and our future? With the Share Of Voice [SOV].

CNN+ Disaster.

What to learn from the CNN+ disaster?

After three weeks of life, the streaming service CNN+ has been shut down. With a $300 million hole. What were the mistakes?

Fighting competitors

Dominating competitors with the study of Porter's 5 forces

Before we launch our product into a market, we need to know it. Understanding Porter's 5 forces helps us get in deep.

Are funnels great nonsense?

Today it seems impossible to communicate and sell without a funnel. Let's scientifically verify whether there is substance behind their abuse.

Choosing a marketing agency: types, costs, pros and cons

There are a dozen types of marketing agencies, each with unique features, prices, benefits and dark sides. Here's how to choose.

The essence of operational marketing: Kotler and the Bass model

We learn some basic rules of concrete marketing with Kotler's 4 and Bass' diffusion model.