How do B2C brands thrive despite crises? Here's the answer

As entrepreneurs and marketers we can work on many levers to limit the damage of recessions, but only a few really matter.

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Designing the future of your business with Ansoff's matrix

Penetration, diversification, market and product development. The real levers of business growth. Let's learn about Ansoff's matrix.

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Boston BCG matrix - Pros, cons and how to use it correctly

The Boston Consulting Group's matrix is a great tool for evaluating the strategy of different products or companies. What you need to know.


Google's new search features - What you need to know

Google has announced new search features for Google Search, Google Lens, Shopping and Maps. What are they and what opportunities do they give us?

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The dominance of singles' day in the Chinese online market

November 11 in China singles indulge in luxuries and gratifications, causing online sales to rocket. Will it arrive in the West as well?


Turning the 4 risks of AI into business opportunities

Customers experience 4 major difficulties interacting with artificial intelligence systems. Understanding and overcoming them is critical.