GoodFirms Recognizes Deep Marketing for Its Astounding Marketing Services

GoodFirms, the Washington, D.C.-based search platform, has ranked Deep Marketing among the top marketing agencies in the country

Crisis Communication

How big brands handled a tragic reputation collapse

It comes for almost everyone: by mistake or accident, our reputation goes down and sales plummet. How do we resolve this disaster?

lego mini figure on brown sand

Do you really know all the marketing professions?

Navigating the marketing professions is difficult; knowing who to look for and select, even more so. Here is an exhaustive list for you

10 American commercials

10 commercials so beautiful they will leave you speechless

Great advertisements surprise us, amuse us, excite us, and make us think about ourselves and society. We have chosen 10 works of art for you.

Marketing books

The 10 best marketing books of all time. Chosen by the pros

Check out the list of the best marketing books of all time, curated by the senior professionals at Deep Marketing.

Shopify buy tablet

What is Shopify and how you can quickly set up an e-commerce business

Shopify is now for SMEs the e-commerce platform by definition. Let's lay it bare in this article. Costs, usage, advantages, limitations

Influencer PR

How public relations increases your visibility

Doing PR means building strong relationships with journalists, media, opinion leaders, influencers and other brands. To gain new audiences.

GoodFirms Galvani

GoodFirms interviews Francesco Galvani, CEO of Deep Marketing

In this interview, GoodFirms experts sat down to talk with Francesco Galvani, CEO and founder of Deep Marketing.

Elasticity formula

Advertising elasticity is the most important formula in sales

Advertising elasticity is a measure of how responsive the market is to your marketing efforts. We understand how it works and how to use it.