The US launch of Nuttch, the revolutionary underwear brand

Essential, low-impact, perfect-fitting underwear. The weapons with which Nuttch wants to conquer the US. Deep Marketing is by his side.


Natigua. How to revolutionize veg and healthy online shpping.

Natigua is the first veg and health online shop with high quality products. Deep Marketing created the brand identity and ecommerce

Tunit's fashion-rebrand, Apple's partner for quality accessories

Tunit is the Italian brand of high-quality accessories for Apple devices. Deep Marketing has followed it in an extraordinary rebranding

brown wooden round table with chairs

Balancing luxury, lead and functionality for Stenal's spas

Selling luxury to B2B and B2C is not easy. Stenal and Deep Marketing together in a highly visual project for visionary spas.

A high-impact presentation for tech investors for Proteso

Building a strong brand identity brings extraordinary benefits. As IIT's Proteso, creator of exoskeletons for industry, knows well.

Moresthetics and &Soul, building and enhancing different brands

A luxury clinic and a candle shop as sculptures. Deep Marketing has enhanced each of their precious identities.

An expanded marketing office for PT Torino's pants.

In modern companies, a solid partnership with suppliers is the basis for success. Deep Marketing and PT in an extended marketing department.

From physical therapist to clinic, the exceptional journey of Physio Health

The incredibly successful rebranding (website, PR, social media, advertising) of Fisio Salute. From physiotherapy center to clinic in Switzerland.

Serpac's B2B e-commerce triumph.

Successful e-commerce in dangerous goods logistics, brand repositioning, PR strategy. To revolutionize B2B.

man holding gray steel frame

De Angeli and Deep Marketing, a success for the industry

De Angeli Prodotti represents the most innovative and value-rich Italian industry. Thanks to Deep Marketing it communicates its essence.