gen-z social 2022

Gen-z are social junkies. Here's which ones, how much, and the gender differences

Many surveys confirm that kids use social for more than 4 hours a day, but with large differences in gender and amount of use

Elasticity formula

Advertising elasticity is the most important formula in sales

Advertising elasticity is a measure of how responsive the market is to your marketing efforts. We understand how it works and how to use it.

The science of empirical generalizations in marketing

Marketing is a science. Empirical generalizations allow us to build our strategies from scientific evidence.

Google Ads is increasingly expensive and competitive. Solutions?

Google Ads costs have exploded and interactions have plummeted. In this article, the areas that win and lose, why, and alternatives.

Drinking coffee while shopping online

Now it's certain: caffeine makes people spend and buy more

Yes. A coffee could be the best ally of entrepreneurs and the greatest enemy of self-control efforts in shopping.


Decrease abandoned carts with a simple empirical model

Those involved in online sales know all too well the frustration of abandoned shopping carts. A study teaches us techniques for decreasing them.


The science of persuasion toward more sustainable consumption

Marketing literature shows how the SHIFT paradigm can help any business push its customers toward sustainable products

How to build a strong brand by getting sales

Is there a "scientific" formula to help us estimate how much to invest in brand building and how much in bringing in sales right away?

simple introduction

The most common methodologies for setting the price of an asset

A simple guide to begin thinking about a company's main revenue tool: the pricing of our products and services.

b2c influencer

How much influence do influencers really have?

More and more marketers and enthusiasts are asking whether investing in influencers is worthwhile and brings results. We answer with numbers.