Successful site elements

8 things every successful business website should have

Websites for businesses are increasingly crucial, but not all elements carry equal weight in the success of a portal

The rebirth of brands: secrets of successful rebranding

Branding is not a simple activity. Here we explain the various parts of a brand, and then dive into exploring the rebranding of famous brands

The Garden of Rosero

Inspiring young enterprises: The Garden of Rosero

Creating and running a business is not easy, but it is satisfying. Andrea and Carlotta, with their amazing "Rosero Garden," know this well.

Many types of marketing

What are the different types of marketing?

Inbound, outbound, above-the-line, guerrilla ... endless types of marketing with often obscure but necessary names for companies. Let's look at them

SEO for small brands

SEO for small brands: low-budget techniques

An examination of the most cost-effective tools and methods available to small brands to start getting indexed on Google

Market penetration

Defeating competitors with market penetration strategy

Often the best weapon for small brands and those who want to conquer new markets, we discover all sides of market penetration

GoodFirms Recognizes Deep Marketing for Its Astounding Marketing Services

GoodFirms, the Washington, D.C.-based search platform, has ranked Deep Marketing among the top marketing agencies in the country

Crisis Communication

How big brands handled a tragic reputation collapse

It comes for almost everyone: by mistake or accident, our reputation goes down and sales plummet. How do we resolve this disaster?

lego mini figure on brown sand

Do you really know all the marketing professions?

Navigating the marketing professions is difficult; knowing who to look for and select, even more so. Here is an exhaustive list for you

10 American commercials

10 commercials so beautiful they will leave you speechless

Great advertisements surprise us, amuse us, excite us, and make us think about ourselves and society. We have chosen 10 works of art for you.

Marketing books

The 10 best marketing books of all time. Chosen by the pros

Check out the list of the best marketing books of all time, curated by the senior professionals at Deep Marketing.

Shopify buy tablet

What is Shopify and how you can quickly set up an e-commerce business

Shopify is now for SMEs the e-commerce platform by definition. Let's lay it bare in this article. Costs, usage, advantages, limitations

gen-z social 2022

Gen-z are social junkies. Here's which ones, how much, and the gender differences

Many surveys confirm that kids use social for more than 4 hours a day, but with large differences in gender and amount of use

Influencer PR

How public relations increases your visibility

Doing PR means building strong relationships with journalists, media, opinion leaders, influencers and other brands. To gain new audiences.

GoodFirms Galvani

GoodFirms interviews Francesco Galvani, CEO of Deep Marketing

In this interview, GoodFirms experts sat down to talk with Francesco Galvani, CEO and founder of Deep Marketing.

Elasticity formula

Advertising elasticity is the most important formula in sales

Advertising elasticity is a measure of how responsive the market is to your marketing efforts. We understand how it works and how to use it.

Strategic marketing

Achieving your business goals with Strategic Marketing

What is a marketing strategy, what is it composed of, how to understand the market, set your goals and the channels to achieve them

Logo, marks on the ground

How to make your mark with a distinctive and memorable logo

Our designers share a practical guide with tips and strategies on how to create a memorable logo that stands out and is impactful


How to implement a successful Blue Ocean strategy

The Blue Ocean strategy - Blue Ocean - is the best way to create a product and service offering adored by customers. How does it work?

The science of empirical generalizations in marketing

Marketing is a science. Empirical generalizations allow us to build our strategies from scientific evidence.

The total guide to SEO for your website [December 2022].

Getting your website to the top of Google? You can, with SEO strategies. But they are many and complicated. Here's the best possible guide

Our predictions for 2023: marketing, tech and cultural trends

Content marketing, chatbots, GPT-4 and AI, TikTok, gen-z, augmented reality, email marketing, outsourcing. Our predictions for 2023.

Google Ads is increasingly expensive and competitive. Solutions?

Google Ads costs have exploded and interactions have plummeted. In this article, the areas that win and lose, why, and alternatives.

Ogilvy, Chiat, Bernbach and Hopkins: lessons from the fathers of marketing

Honesty, effectiveness, creativity, ethics, psychology: true marketers base their work on the cornerstones laid out by four great geniuses

How do B2C brands thrive despite crises? Here's the answer

As entrepreneurs and marketers we can work on many levers to limit the damage of recessions, but only a few really matter.

future ansoff

Designing the future of your business with Ansoff's matrix

Penetration, diversification, market and product development. The real levers of business growth. Let's learn about Ansoff's matrix.

Strategy BCG matrix

Boston BCG matrix - Pros, cons and how to use it correctly

The Boston Consulting Group's matrix is a great tool for evaluating the strategy of different products or companies. What you need to know.


Google's new search features - What you need to know

Google has announced new search features for Google Search, Google Lens, Shopping and Maps. What are they and what opportunities do they give us?

Drinking coffee while shopping online

Now it's certain: caffeine makes people spend and buy more

Yes. A coffee could be the best ally of entrepreneurs and the greatest enemy of self-control efforts in shopping.

single flower

The dominance of singles' day in the Chinese online market

November 11 in China singles indulge in luxuries and gratifications, causing online sales to rocket. Will it arrive in the West as well?


Decrease abandoned carts with a simple empirical model

Those involved in online sales know all too well the frustration of abandoned shopping carts. A study teaches us techniques for decreasing them.


Turning the 4 risks of AI into business opportunities

Customers experience 4 major difficulties interacting with artificial intelligence systems. Understanding and overcoming them is critical.