Cosa funziona davvero nel marketing?

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Da anni combatto contro la fuffa e i punti di vista nel marketing che rovinano le aziende e la credibilità della mia disciplina. Per questo mi impegno per semplificare le evidenze più robuste e che permettano a chiunque di sapere cosa funziona nella comunicazione e cosa no.

Per richiedere le fonti di qualche articolo e ottenere ancora più contenuti di valore commerciale, vi invito ad iscrivervi al portale Science Project Pro. Con un abbonamento economico potrete avere un accesso premium al mondo delle evidenze scientifiche.

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La Spesa Pubblicitaria e la Percezione della Qualità: Un’Analisi Multidimensionale

All'aumentare della spesa pubblicitaria aumenta sempre il valore percepito del brand? Una ricerca svela legami assolutamente inattesi

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Il marketing che funziona: le basi del “sophisticated mass marketing”

Nel 2023 siamo ancora immersi nel marketing fuffa e nei punti di vista. Pericoloso. Meglio per le aziende conoscere le basi del marketing "vero"

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Chi dovrebbe investire di più nelle recensioni e nel passaparola?

Recensioni e passaparola online sono sempre utili nella vendita online e nel branding? No. Dipende da moltissimi fattori. Vediamo quali

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I contenuti “usa e getta” catturano la nostra attenzione e ci fanno ricordare meglio i brand

Non tutti i contenuti devono essere evergreen. 12 esperimenti hanno dimostrato che i contenuti effimeri dei marchi possono essere ricordati meglio

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Un brand spontaneo è un brand apprezzato. Ma ci sono dei limiti

I clienti preferiscono momenti di autenticità nella comunicazione. Ma è più complicato di così e troppa improvvisazione può essere rischiosa

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Posiziona i prezzi in basso per aumentare le vendite, online e offline

Le aspettative fanno una grande differenza per la nostra percezione. Anche la semplice posizione del prezzo può aumentare le vendite!

When your brand's "enemies" become your best allies

Does a brand with many enemies have a harder life? Not necessarily. In fact, it may exploit the haters to its own benefit. As long as there are specific conditions

Praising our competitors? It could be the right move

Powerful research shows something unexpected: sincerely praising one of our direct competitors can increase our sales. See how, why and the limitations

The power of number three: a golden rule in business

In business and marketing, there are stable rules among industries. The "rule of three" enshrines the correct relationships between market leaders and brands that want to have excellent margins

Switching from Smartphone to Computer Increases Likelihood of Conversion

From computers, customers buy more than from smartphones. But it depends on the product, the risk, the price. And devaluing the mobile experience can be risky

The power of handwritten notes in the age of e-commerce

All it takes is a handwritten or even photocopied note to increase an online store's business over time. Don't believe it?

"Word-of-Machine": how AI is revolutionizing the world of customer opinions

Humans know how to evaluate recommendations differently when made by AI or other humans. Let's see why and how we can harness this instinct in marketing

Does a selfie sell more or a product held in the hand?

Better a photo of a product alone or in the hands of a customer (or influencer)? And should the person's face be seen? Let's look at the amazing effects of different "poses"

Which influencers to choose for maximum notoriety and engagement

Which influencer to choose to increase sales? Which one to build brand awareness? Research has confirmed very solid evidence. Here's the recipe

How to increase clicks on visual product advertisements

There is a specific way to get more clicks and conversions in a digital advertisement. And it has to do with element layout and white space. Let's look at how to do it and why it works

Two simple scientific "tweaks" to increase B2B conversions

All it takes is a change to the famous word "free" to improve our conversions, and it is possible to leverage some "human" heuristics to be preferred over competitors

The unlikely resurgence and success of e-mail marketing

Since at least the mid-2000s, email marketing has been considered dead. This has not only always been false, but recently this media has had an explosive resurgence. Let's look at how

What words and emotions to use to capture the audience's attention

Extraordinary and extensive research sheds light on the universal rules in terms of words and emotions to create magnetic content for our audiences and customers

The richer you are, the less ethical you are in consumption (for expensive goods)

People in the upper classes consider it acceptable to dissipate far more resources than others and cause more social and environmental damage when they pay a lot for a good. Why?

What makes customers prefer one brand over another?

Understanding what motivates people in choosing between competing brands is not trivial. Two research studies have shed some light. And the results are really interesting

Al Ries' 22 Laws of Marketing are NOT Science

One cannot fail to mention Al Ries' famous book with its 22 Laws of Marketing. Unfortunately, there is very little science in these laws. But something is saved...

How the opinions of others influence our online reviews

The herd effect is pervasive in our species: we all follow the majority. But a study has clarified when and at what level it happens in online reviews

How to get the best out of Narcissistic, Psychopathic and Machiavellian salespeople

Machiavellianism, narcissism and psychopathy are a problem in the sales force. However, a study shows how to make these disorders a business asset

How promotions affect sales of other products

About rebates, legends abound. That's why this study is so important: It explains how the promotion of one product affects the sales of others

Are people inclined to pay more sooner or later?

Pay-what-you-want (or value-for-value): an increasingly popular form of payment. But is it better to ask for money before or after use?

What is Brand Awareness and why it matters for small brands

Scopri come misurare la Brand Awareness: emozioni, memoria e riconoscimento del marchio per conquistare il cuore dei consumatori

Are online reviews of doctors really reliable?

A major study compared online reviews of physicians with objective factors about their professional quality. The results are intriguing

When marketing saves public health. And private turnover

Research has shown how marketing choices enable two almost opposite outcomes in reducing sugar in foods: increased sales and health

Surprising Similarity: the golden rule of customer homogeneity

Great marketers and researchers know this; others do not. The customer profiles of competing brands are all similar. Here's how to leverage this golden rule

Yes, we may have found the ingredient that makes copy seductive

Scrivere testi interessanti per il marketing e la comunicazione è un'impresa sempre più difficile. Dei ricercatori potrebbero aver scoperto qualcosa di straordinario

Which influencers to choose for extraordinary results

La relazione tra numero di follower di un influencer, brand sponsorizzato, contenuti e risultati non è lineare. Una ricerca spiega come ottenere il massimo

Research reveals how to raise awareness of customers and donors

Una amplissima ricerca sul campo fornisce una risposta molto chiara alla domanda fondamentale: come sensibilizzare le persone verso (la nostra) causa?