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5 Extraordinary Books on Neuromarketing and Consumer Psychology

In this blog we have explored far and wide the ways of marketing and the basic scientific rules of this profession and sales. On sale you will find the book by the CEO of Deep Marketing "The Scientific Guide for Entrepreneurs", where all the most important questions of the discipline are analyzed and answers based on stainless funds are provided.

However, we want more: to delve deeper into the human brain, neuromarketing, 360-degree psychology to better understand us, who we are, our customers, their mental processes. Everything always with scientific fundamentals and never for clichés.

For this reason we have chosen the 5 books on neuromarketing and popular neurology that are most important for you, for fans of marketing, communication and psychology. Books incredibly suitable for a very high quality gift. For special people!

Happy reading.

1/ Predictably Irrational, Dan Ariely

Predictably Irrational
Predictably Irrational

In "Predictably Irrational", behavioral economics expert Dan Arielychallenges the traditional assumption that people make economic decisions rationally. Through a series of intriguing and often entertaining experiments, Ariely demonstrates how our decisions are often irrational, but in predictable and systematic ways. The book explores several themes, including relative value, expectations, the effect of emotion on economic decisions, and the concept of "free".

For marketing and neuromarketing enthusiasts, "Predictably Irrational" it is an invaluable resource. The book provides insights into:

  1. Consumer Behavior: Understanding why and how consumers make decisions that seem irrational can help marketers develop more effective strategies.

  2. Pricing and Value Perception: Ariely explores how value perception can be influenced by various factors, a crucial aspect for product positioning and pricing strategy in marketing.

  3. Social Influence and Expectations: The book analyzes how expectations and social influence drive purchasing behavior, offering insights for more persuasive marketing campaigns.

  4. Decisions and Emotions: Understanding the role of emotions in economic decisions is fundamental to creating advertising and marketing messages that resonate with the public.

2/ Tales from Both Sides of the Brain, Michael Cazzaniga

Tales from both Sides of the Brain
Tales from both Sides of the Brain

This work offers an intriguing journey into the life and career of Michael S. Gazzaniga, one of the world's most eminent neuroscientists, best known for his studies of the split brain. The book tells personal and professional anecdotes, tracing Gazzaniga's path in discovering how the different parts of the brain communicate with each other and how this influences our behavior and our perception of the world.

For marketing enthusiasts, "Tales from Both Sides of the Brain" it is particularly precious. The book not only provides a deep understanding of how the brain works, but also explains how this information can be applied to influence decisions and behaviors.

In general, it is the most informative and unique book on this list. Almost obligatory.

3/ The Brain from Inside Out, Gyorgy Buzsaki

The Brain from Inside Out
The Brain from Inside Out

The Brain from Inside Out", written by the renowned neuroscientist György Buzsáki, overturns the traditional approach to neuroscience, proposing to examine the brain starting from its internal functions rather than relying only on interpretation of external responses. Buzsáki explores how the brain creates its own structures and interpretive rules to interact with the world, rather than simply being a passive organ that responds to external stimuli.

For lovers of consumer psychology and human behavior, this book is particularly relevant:

  1. Deep Understanding of the Brain: Offers detailed insight into the inner workings of the brain, helping to understand how these structures influence behavior and decision making.

  2. Neuroscientific Basis of Behavior: Provides a scientific analysis of how the mind processes information and how this influences human behavior, including consumption decisions.

  3. Innovation in Neuroscientific Thinking: Introduces new models of thinking in neuroscience, which can inspire innovative approaches in understanding consumer behavior.

  4. Implications for Marketing and Communications: Insights into how the brain interprets and reacts to the world can be applied to develop more effective marketing strategies that are in tune with the natural functioning of the human brain.

4/ Behave: The bestselling exploration of why humans behave as they do, Robert M Sapolsky


In "Behave", Robert M. Sapolsky, one of the most respected neurobiologists and primatologists, offers a detailed and multidisciplinary analysis of human behavior. The book dives into the complex interactions between biology, environment, genetics, neuroscience, and psychology to explain why humans act the way they do, both for better and for worse. Sapolsky explores a wide range of topics, from aggression to compassion, from xenophobia to altruism, using real case studies and scientific research.

For those seeking to understand human behavior, "Behave" it is particularly precious. The book offers:

  1. Insights into Neurobiology: Explains how the brain and its different systems influence our behavior, from immediate reactions to long-term consequences.

  2. Implications of Genetics and Evolution: Analyze how our genes and our evolution influence behavioral patterns.

  3. Environment and Culture Effect: Examines how environment, culture, and education shape human behavior.

  4. Understanding Emotions and Decisions: Provides insights into the role of emotions and higher cognitive functions in our daily decisions.

  5. Implications for Society and Politics: Explore how understanding human behavior can be applied in broader contexts, such as social policy and justice.

Obviously, all these different reading angles become fundamental when we have to think in terms of effective communication in our business strategies, right from the base and its foundation. For example, they allow us to better understand which episodes to work on, why, how they could evolve in the future given how humans work.

5/ How to Change your Mind, Michael Pollen

How to Change Your Mind
How to Change Your Mind

We saved it for last because it's our favorite!

The book "How to Change Your Mind: The New Science of Psychedelics" by Michael Pollan offers a revolutionary perspective on the therapeutic potential and benefits of psychedelics. The synopsis in Italian could be:

Michael Pollan immerses himself in the fascinating world of psychedelics, exploring their history, their effects and the renewed scientific interest in them. The book is a journey that starts from the history of the use of substances such as LSD and psilocybin, passing through their decline due to legal and political controversies, up to the recent rebirth of their study in the context of science and modern medicine.

The volume is wonderful in itself, but it also has many practical purposes for us.

For marketing and neuromarketing enthusiasts, this book offers unexpected and valuable insights. Pollan not only explores the therapeutic use of psychedelics in the treatment of disorders such as depression, anxiety and addiction, but also delves into how they can influence perception, awareness and creativity. Aspects relevant to marketing include:

  1. Understanding the Human Psyche: Discussion of alterations in consciousness can help marketers better understand human psychology and how we perceive the world.

  2. Creativity and Innovation: The book explores how psychedelics can unlock new levels of creativity, a fundamental aspect for those who work in the fields of marketing and advertising. p>

  3. Empathy and Consumer Experience: The ability of psychedelics to increase empathy and openness could offer insights into how to create deeper, more meaningful experiences for consumers.

  4. Mindset and Change: Pollan examines how these compounds can alter thought structures and open the mind to new perspectives, a useful concept for developing innovative, outside-the-box marketing strategies.

In summary, "How to Change Your Mind" it is not only a complete guide to the world of psychedelics, but it is also a source of inspiration for those seeking to explore new frontiers in understanding the human mind, with potential applications also in the marketing and neuromarketing sector .

The new Frontiers

In this regard we ask ourselves: what do you think? Are you ready for journeys far beyond stereotypes and old ideas about the brain and neurology? To open your own mind as professionals or enthusiasts?

We at Deep Marketing are here for you to discuss, compare, create new ideas together.


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