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Deep Marketing Customers, Wonderful Brands and Successes [Jan 24]

In this in-depth analysis we want to dedicate a space of thanks and celebrations for those who have trusted us and for those who have given us esteem, respect and often friendship. We want to remember some small and large enterprises faced together.

Not all the brands mentioned are still our customers. Often the project simply ended successfully, but sometimes the client skilfully exploited the collaboration with Deep Marketing for training on the job, learning part of the job and then internalizing it. It's not always possible, but sometimes it's one of the purposes of working with a full-service, quality agency: growing as a team and skills, not just having short and medium-term results.

Warning: here we will not mention all the clients followed by Deep Marketing over time. The editorial choice of this article refers only to those projects that in our opinion have defined a "milestone" for our agency. A key and significant growth point for the Deep Marketing brand and its team.

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Corporations and International Brands

Passione Beauty

Since the beginning of 2024, Deep Marketing has been a proud partner of an international brand made up of great managers, great products and endless success in the nail sector for professionals: Passione Beauty (formerly Passione Naghie).

In our privileged role as a media agency, we follow all digital advertising platforms across multiple countries and do our best to support Passione Beauty professionals in analyzing data, SEO and marketing KPIs.

Genertel and Genertellife

An important collaboration lasting two years between the Deep Marketing advertising and training team and two of the most innovative and extraordinary insurance companies on the Italian scene.

As per our agency's mission, we have extended and supported the digital marketing office of Genertel and Genertellife with a focus on Google Ads and data analysis. Unlike many agencies, the founders of Deep Marketing come from structured companies and "have been in the clients' shoes". as managers, this sensitivity is an extra value that we give to the important companies that rely on us.

PT Torino (Cover50)

1000 retailers in the world, synonymous with Italian style in bridge segment trousers, among the references in the American market.

We accompanied PT on its repositioning journey from "trousers only" to "total look". Then following its B2B and B2C digital marketing and e-commerce activities as an outsourced office.

Duomo di Milano

A prestigious international project which sees the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano, the American non-profit Duomo Patrons and Deep Marketing as actors.

International Patrons of Duomo di Milano Inc. is an American public charity established in 2014 with the aim of promoting a better understanding of the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the Duomo of Milan, symbol of the Lombard capital and recognized throughout the world.

Deep Marketing has the incredible honor of collaborating with this team to support them in digital communication for the US audience.

De Angeli Prodotti

Champion Italian company, 300 million turnover, world leader in carbon and smart electric cable technology.

For this excellence of the B2B industry we have committed ourselves to perfecting the visual identity, the website and the entire content marketing strategy. Furthermore, we work enthusiastically alongside the CEO to develop internal sensitivity for communication.

MIDA Ticket

MIDA Ticket is one of the most recognized services in Italy for the purchase of tickets for museums, art galleries, exhibitions, sporting events, fairs, shows and parks. It has clients of the caliber of Milan Cathedral, Turin Egyptian Museum, FAI, Giorgia and many others.

With Deep Marketing, in 2023 it began a unique process of adapting its image and brand to the exceptional quality of its services and offerings.

ITS Engineering

Unrivaled specialists in the design and training for large works such as bridges, tunnels and viaducts. ITS Engineering is a leading team available to institutions and companies also for investigations in the most difficult conditions possible, in terms of altitude and accessibility.

In its path of internationalization and total rebranding of its image and communication, ITS Engineering has chosen Deep Marketing as a strategic partner. A stimulating and complex challenge, perfectly in line with the nature of ITS. And Deep Marketing.

Pont Europe

A leader in custom packaging since 1906, with operations in 11 European countries. Pont regularly develops and patents bespoke glass or plastic packaging solutions for applications in Food and Beverage, Vitamins and Sports Supplement, Chemicals, Over-the-counter products/ pharmaceuticals, Personal Care and Pet Care.

Deep Marketing stands by this majestic company in advertising management.


Olimpias Group is one of the most important Italian industrial groups for the supply of products dedicated to the textile sector. A company with a turnover of almost 200 million that produces fabrics, yarns and labels for customers who are points of reference in Italian and international fashion.

The Deep Marketing team is really happy to be able to support such a reality in operations related to digital marketing.

Tunit (MGH Group)

Part of the MGH group with brands such as Juice and among the few Italian brands that are Apple's partners for high-profile accessories. We took care of its total repositioning of brand, image and photography.

From shooting to the entire management of online and offline marketing (including PR activities), we have made Tunit a truly successful brand.


Serpac is a leading company in the packaging sector for the transport of dangerous goods. An exquisitely B2B sector, therefore, with all the difficulties involved, for example due to the inertia of companies in switching to online means for purchasing their materials. The long collaboration with Deep Marketing has allowed Serpac to obtain extraordinary results in online sales and increased international notoriety.

Noval Group

With Deep Marketing it has transformed itself from a generic supplier of windows and doors to a refined international reference brand. We followed its visual and strategic repositioning, website, PR and advertising strategy.

For Noval we organized a sumptuous event with 300 guests at the Umberto 1 gallery in Naples.


Italian-American reality, according to Gartner among the companies leading the technological revolution of kubernetes.

During the collaboration with Deep Marketing he achieved unprecedented organic and advertising coverage in print and online. The result was a net doubling of turnover in just 12 months.

ISI Pools (Myrtha Pools)

Accessories and equipment for competition pools. Locations in Europe, a worldwide sales network, a key component of Myrtha Pools, a leading global company with sales in excess of 100 million euros.

Deep Marketing is working with the team on total strategic and visual rebranding and in sales support. The company boasts internationally recognized craftsmanship and technical performance. It is our duty to help it enhance these unique qualities through marketing.

Successful and "Disruptive" brand


AnotheReality was created to accelerate the adoption of immersive technologies such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality in structured societies and to bring people into the future. Simulations, training, conferences, business and entertainment. There is no limit to the applications and extraordinary imagination and development skills of the Another team.

Deep Marketing has a long and solid partnership with AnotheReality because we perfectly recognize ourselves in the values of this unique company in Italy. We support decisions, content marketing and strategy with constant discussions, mentoring and operational marketing activities.

ADC (AlphaTest)

Scientific dissemination, research, study methods, tools for competitions and professionals. This is the ADC world, an excellent brand on the Italian scene and adored by its large community

During the acquisition of the company by AlphaTest, the management decided to rely on Deep Marketing for support in terms of market repositioning, offline and online advertising strategy and internet PR.

V Auto Group

Eleven locations, including dealerships and overhaul centers, a leading position in northern Italy, an unmatched personal relationship between salespeople and customers, a visionary entrepreneur. Five strong brands: Honda, Cupra, Suzuki, Seat, Subaru. This is the V Auto Group.

Deep Marketing's advertising team has been supporting V Auto since January 2024 with strategic and performance-based digital advertising management campaigns, working alongside managers and sales staff on a daily basis.


U-Earth creates extremely high quality air purifiers for commercial establishments and large spaces, with immense attention to lowering emissions. For his commitment he has received dozens of validations and awards.

Deep Marketing is committed to supporting U-Earth in its mission with a content marketing and online PR strategy oriented towards SEO and reputation building.


Opto+ is the new generation of software for lens design and comparison. Totally in the cloud, international, completely in the future.

Deep Marketing supports this little niche jewel with B2B advertising and verticalized social media activities on target companies.

Tutte le Spezie del Mondo

In the two years of collaboration with Deep Marketing, this shop has become the first Italian e-commerce for the sale of spices.

Our team focused mainly on digital advertising, content marketing and CRM.

SGD Group

For more than 50 years, one of the most important and technologically advanced Italian companies in pest control - disinfestation, rodent control, monitoring, drone services, processes based on AI and the internet of things.

A company with this experience and these contents must be "handled" with care: and for this reason SGD chose Deep Marketing. Together we will work on visual identity, marketing strategy, digital advertising and repositioning of the main brand and services.


An underwear brand conceived jointly between Deep Marketing and the client company; a courageous brand conceived for the difficult US market.

A textbook launch made up of collaborations with influencers, PR, advertising, growth hacking. A success with the public in just 3 months.


There are beautiful companies, and there are companies of the highest human and moral level, capable of doing business while helping the community grow. Among these is Needius. A rare pearl in Trentino.

It entrusted Deep Marketing for a fruitful and important collaboration, starting from the redesign of the website of its flagship product - the Blu(E) tablet, the innovative communication tool for autism and for people with language and in interpersonal communication. Developed in collaboration with major brands and in partnership with Samsung.

Fisio Salute

An exceptional example of metamorphosis. From a simple physiotherapy studio to a true wellness clinic with two locations in Italy and a flagship in Switzerland. A franchising plan in development and a publishing success. All thanks to a partnership with Deep Marketing.

For Fisio Salute we took care of the entire online and offline marketing mix, the rebranding and the strategy from A to Z.


Synonymous with excellence in luxury SPAs for hotels, ships and private individuals.

Deep Marketing supports the company in branding, content marketing, social network marketing and international advertising strategy.

Natigua (Mediterranea)

The retail brand of Mediterranea Bio Veg, the Italian reference leader for organic and vegan foods.

Deep Marketing took care of the brand concept, the creation of the e-commerce and the commercial-strategic consultancy for the launch.

Plant Based Clinic

Plant Based Clinic is the impressive project by Dr. Silvia Goggi aimed at bringing science, evidence and medical support to the entire Italian vegan and health community.

We have helped this exceptional portal with server management, with IT interventions and with highly successful campaigns aimed at increasing purchases for courses and consultancy.

Special Bearings

Italian leader in the sale of ball bearings online, Super Bearings has a simply enormous assortment and unparalleled customer support, to the point of having a full 5 stars on TrustPilot.

We are happy to be partners of this beautiful Mantuan reality. We take care of pushing sales through online advertising for you, creating awareness and credibility through the press office and carrying out updates and modifications to the web platform.


My USA Service makes it incredibly easy for entrepreneurs, startuppers and freelancers to start a business in the United States. The service takes care of every bureaucratic aspect, freeing the customer from the tasks, headaches and burden of a process that can be particularly complex and burdensome.

Our advertising managers help My USA Service reach every single potential customer and carry out high-level lead generation, with a reduction in costs.

Local Excellence and Brands

Sant'Anna 1984

Are you looking for someone who can assist an elderly relative in Milan or Rome? Sant'Anna 1984 is the first place to look. Many years of experience in the field, qualified operators, tailor-made assistance.

Deep Marketing helps this splendid reality in its digital advertising strategy and online campaign management.


A luxurious clinic in Milan in the Brera area. During a restyling of its corporate image, we took care of designing and creating a website perfectly consistent with the brand's new refined and "uptown" style.

Our designers have mixed the authoritative, feminine style with extensive use of floral themes with a functional and pleasant layout. With many small "grafts" to embellish the experience.


Francesco Ranieri is "The Hitch" Italian. As in the famous film by Will Smith, with his brand "Beloved", Francesco takes to heart men aged 35 and over and with an excellent career behind them. First he helps them find self-esteem and social charisma, then little by little they find the right woman. All face to face, in person, in real life. Without tricks, manipulation, impersonal online courses and nonsense typical of contemporary gurus.

Francesco boasts unattainable successes, but he needed a hand to match his brand and his digital communication with his personality and his very high level, totally differentiated from his competitors. For this reason it has begun an important repositioning process with Deep Marketing. Starting from the visual identity, one step at a time we are creating with Francesco and Beloved a safe haven for men interested in regaining self-confidence and a future of solid and rewarding relationships.

Innesti di Salute

Innesti is the holistic center in Pavia where an entire staff of professionals in a large and elegant villa takes care of the person in their entirety.

Since its launch, Innesti has chosen Deep Marketing for its advertising strategy aimed at lead generation, awareness and sales.

Studio Boero

During the collaboration with Deep Marketing, this precious legal reality from Como saw its popularity grow exponentially thanks to brand positioning actions, internet PR, online advertising, content marketing.

Fidia Fitness Lab

In the heart of Milan, the first totally digital Italian gym with an integrated body scanning, cryocamera and virtual reality path.

Deep Marketing was completely responsible for the interior design of the centre.


Artemis, the Greek God of hunting and wilderness. This is the name chosen by a group of Italian accountants and business consultants determined to make history. Thanks to cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies, the Artemis team is able to guarantee its customers high performance, predictive systems and personal consultancy. All at an incredibly aggressive cost.

Deep Marketing has chosen to accompany these courageous people on their path to conquering the market. From the creation of the online presence to the next digital campaigns and press office activities.

Belpoggio su Todi

A place where you will dream of living. Thus, since 2012, Il Belpoggio su Todi has welcomed tourists from all over the world in its three splendid and imposing farmhouses. Finely renovated and equipped with every comfort.

For Belpoggio we took care of the total rebranding of the brand and the redesign of the site. Today we accompany it by managing advertising campaigns in multiple countries.


Hyper-tech company producing frontier artificial exoskeletons. Spin-off of the IIT of Genoa.

We supported the researchers in communication and proposition by working with them on an innovative and high-octane investor pitch. From strategy to differentiating visual system.

The Insurance Academy

The Insurance Academy (THE-IA) is an association of asset management and insurance experts in the Swiss financial sector. Founded in 2021, THE-IA is headquartered in Zurich.

In 2022 The IA asked Deep Marketing for a one-page portal as a showcase for its professional forum. This interface had to be both serious (consistent with its target) but innovative compared to existing sites. For this reason we opted for a page with constant movement in its shapes but very professional in terms of typography and colours.


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