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"Non-Performance Marketing is the best", Galvani on Mark Up

Mark Up, the reference magazine for marketing in the retail sector, in the November 2023 issue addresses "purpose marketing" from many points of view, complete with data, statistics, opinions and data. It points out how values increase not only sales and satisfaction in the company, but also and above all its general value and customer preferences.

From statistics it appears that:

77% [of customers] expect brands motivated by a clear and coherent cause in which they can identify and 60% say they are willing to pay more if they see this difference in a concrete way.

In this context, the editorial staff reports the opinion of our CEO Francesco Galvani regarding the famous Esselunga commercial with "the Apple", highly criticized by many because it focuses too much on emotions and values and not enough on bringing in sales direct. Criticisms coming from those who are not often marketing experts, but report the opinions of gurus and fuffaguru from the world of the most naive methods and agencies.

We report the quote after the image of the article.

MarkUp article on Francesco Galvani
Copyright: Mark Up Magazine, 2023

Relevant, in this sense, is the vision of Francesco Galvani, CEO of Deep Marketing Agency and expert in branding strategies, who, commenting on the hyper-discussed Esselunga fishing video, offers a broader reflection :

Those who criticize the commercial claiming that it doesn't lead to buying more forget the basics of cognitive psychology. The idea that you can know what is happening in your unconscious and that marketing must persuade with rational, practical arguments regarding quality, price and numbers is pure utopia. No evidence in science shows that advertising works like this.

The aim of marketing is rather to increase the tendency to consider a certain brand than before during an unconscious purchasing decision. Communication, mistakenly defined by some as 'not a performance', is actually the one that brings more sales, because, using a colorful example, it works like the guy who makes himself interesting and attracts girls without hitting on them', not like the insistent fool. The more you think about performance, the less you get when human beings are involved, who are complicated and function in the opposite way to the simple causal link


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