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Stunning amenities.
Powered by Deep.

Thanks to exclusive partnerships with the most respected Italian agencies, Deep Marketing is able to provide you with exceptional press office, PR, events, video content creator and complete management services for Amazon at amazing prices.

Powered by Deep Marketing. Only for our customers.

In piedi su una palla

We want to give you more.

Powered by Deep allows us to give you services with very high added value, normally allowed to customers only through agreements with specialized agencies, which are expensive and fragmented.

All this is the past. From today you can manage the management of events, search and selection of guests, national or local press office operations, and the entire sale on Amazon with a single simple contract, a single interlocutor (us) and linear projects.

Plus all the services already offered by Deep Marketing.

Press Day, Influencer Day, Talent Day.

Fundamental opportunities to increase brand visibility.

* Day

Sport, wellness, art, food and wine, adventure and sensorial. Cooking class. Gamification. To link your company to emotions.


Private, personalized, inaccessible, luxury, in places normally off limits!

Imagine, and we will find a way to make it happen.

Exclusive Events

Shows, conferences, fairs, exhibitions, corporate, fashion, distributed over large territories.

Thanks to over twenty years of experience, you are on the safe side.

Huge Events!

PR and Events

In partnership with Studioventisette, Italian events and PR leader


Study of client brands, creation of press releases, contact with journalists from magazines, broadcasters and newspapers.

Press Office

Get natural interviews (not paid) on paper, digital, radio, TV. Video or text.

The best way to have authority.


Ansa, ADN, Sole24Ore, La Repubblica, Corriere, La Stampa, Milano Finanza, RDS, RAI, Mediaset, Radio 105, Deejay. And so on.

Direct relationships

Without purchasing advertorials, each operation brings you dozens of organic releases and unattainable visibility.


Press office

In partnership with La Porta Comunicazione, one of the most respected Italian press offices for 30 years


From TikTok to LinkedIn, every brand is unique.

We study the strategy to bring out values and authenticity.

With an eye on followers!

Social Strategy

Creation of engaging content using social media logic with passion and competence.

Especially in the video.

Content Creation

Stories, live broadcasts, streaming for every event, online and offline.

To turn it into an opportunity to relive.

Live Coverage

Not just words. Customers such as Sanofi, ArcaPlanet, Fruittella, Dal Negro have already appreciated our dynamism and passion.

Chosen by the best

Social Content

In partnership with Social Media Troupe, a super-dynamic and creative team, loved by dozens of big brands

Registrazione video automatica

Equipped with a professional Amazon Account Manager, the specialized figure to manage sales on the portal at 360 degrees.

Amazon Manager

Our Amazon team is certified by the platform and has managed tens of millions of euros in sales with explosive growth.


Analysis of category, product, segment, competitor. I study local and foreign markets, positioning, rebranding, legal issues.


Account creation, A+ pages, product listings, photographs, copy, parent-child relationships, inventory management, logistics, product and brand launch.


Sale on Amazon

In partnership with Dr. Alberto Caschili, Amazon SPN Certified Partner

Image by ANIRUDH

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