Branding rebrading

The rebirth of brands: secrets of successful rebranding

Branding is not a simple activity. Here we explain the various parts of a brand, and then dive into exploring the rebranding of famous brands

The Garden of Rosero

Inspiring young enterprises: The Garden of Rosero

Creating and running a business is not easy, but it is satisfying. Andrea and Carlotta, with their amazing "Rosero Garden," know this well.

future ansoff

Designing the future of your business with Ansoff's matrix

Penetration, diversification, market and product development. The real levers of business growth. Let's learn about Ansoff's matrix.

Strategy BCG matrix

Boston BCG matrix - Pros, cons and how to use it correctly

The Boston Consulting Group's matrix is a great tool for evaluating the strategy of different products or companies. What you need to know.

Emerging from the storm

5 empirical strategies to make your brand stand out from the noise

With so much noise and competition, how can you make sure your brand is noticed and remembered? For you, 5 well-thought-out tips.

Fighting competitors

Dominating competitors with the study of Porter's 5 forces

Before we launch our product into a market, we need to know it. Understanding Porter's 5 forces helps us get in deep.

Choosing a marketing agency: types, costs, pros and cons

There are a dozen types of marketing agencies, each with unique features, prices, benefits and dark sides. Here's how to choose.

The essence of operational marketing: Kotler and the Bass model

We learn some basic rules of concrete marketing with Kotler's 4 and Bass' diffusion model.