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10 Films about Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneurship that will inspire you

Inspiration and motivation can come from the most unlikely sources.

One of these is cinema. Yes, you read that right, even the marketing, sales and business sectors can draw valuable lessons from films.

This should not surprise us, given that cinema is one of the most powerful storytelling tools, capable of effectively capturing and communicating people's emotions. But how can a film inspire or teach something to the business world? The answer is simple, through stories.

What we often don't understand about these works of art, however, is that, first of all, they are virtual flight simulators", and we need them to learn how to avoid the same mistakes that the protagonists make.< /strong> Storytelling was probably born in the human species precisely for this purpose. We only have one life, and little chance of failing in our endeavors, it is better to learn what not to do, rather than what to do.

What is defined in philosophy and by Nassim Taleb, the "via negative".

So enjoy your viewing, with the most pleasant negative way ever: films!

Here is a list of10 films that every entrepreneur, marketer or seller should see at least once in their life. These films not only provide inspiration and motivation, but also offer valuable lessons on how to run a business, how to sell a product, or how to build a brand.

The good news? They're all streaming!

The Wolf of Wall Street, Netflix

This very popular film offers a funny, yet horrifying insight into the world of sales and manipulation. It teaches us the importance of perseverance, ambition and self-conviction in achieving goals. But it also reminds us that the means do not justify the ends, and if we do, sooner or later we will pay the price.

Curiously, many viewers didn't understand the critical part of the film, and that's a shame.

The Big Short", Netflix

The prurient relationship between risk, profit, personality. A group of outsiders saw the collapse of the system from afar and capitalized on it. With enormous difficulties and the possibility of losing everything, first of all oneself.

Being alone and against everything, this is doing business. Far too often.

The Social Network", Netflix

Tells the story of how Facebook was created and spread. And' a masterclass in transforming an idea into a multi-billion dollar empire. And it shows a side that is often overshadowed: the "social" cost and relational of the most cynical choices made by some clean-looking characters.

Are we sure it's worth it? The ending has its own thesis.

Jobs", Amazon Prime Video

The most "crackling" biography by Steve Jobs. How an entrepreneur can change the world with his ideas and vision. Jobs shows himself here with all his sides, including the most humanly disastrous ones.

Yet it's interesting to take a peek into the brain of a genius.

Moneyball, Amazon Prime Video

This film tells the story of how the general manager of the Oakland A's revolutionized the world of baseball. It teaches us the importance of data analysis in making decisions. Today everyone fills their mouths with terms on these topics, but in truth it is largely hot air.

Maybe more substance is needed?

Thank You For Smoking", Netflix (international)

A film that shows us how powerful marketing can be. It teaches us that sometimes, to be successful, you need to know how to sell not just a product, but an idea.

Air, The Story of the Great Leap", Amazon Prime Video

A beautiful and almost theatrical work about a small group of motivated managers, marketers and persuaders capable of revolutionizing the world of sports shoes and basketball in just a few weeks with a feat made of strategy, persuasion, inventions, creativity, genius, improvisation. And, all in all, ethics.

Must see.

Saving Mr Banks", Disney Plus

You may be Walt Disney, but to make money you need someone who has the ideas and content you need. And if this person is a grumpy and not-at-all-soft Anglo-Australian lady, you will need a lot of energy and to reconnect with yourself and your childhood.

An unprecedented light on the relationship between business, childhood and psychology. Profound and moving.

The Founder", Amazon Prime Video

Tells the story of how McDonald's was born. It shows us that to be successful, sometimes, you have to make unpopular choices and fully believe in your inspiration.

The role of Ray Kroc is very interesting, who literally risked his own house, his own career and more and more legal battles to "bring to the ground" his project. Not a particularly positive character, but certainly a determined man from whom to draw - partially - inspiration.

The Dropout", Disney Plus

More and more companies, and more and more startups, are looking for the easy path based on public manipulation, charismatic leaders and false but gigantic proclamations. It doesn't always work. In fact, almost never.

And when it doesn't work, the existential parable is first exhilarating, and then dramatic. As Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos knows well.


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