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GoodFirms ranked Deep Marketing among top Italian advertising and media buying agencies

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Partnering with excellent brands

Deep Marketing is, and has been, the external marketing, communications and PR department of large companies and small, ambitious brands. When you need to get serious and when you need to be able to count on people with long experience and proven track record, we are there.

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Our big customers

Major or high-growth brands. These are the people who chose Deep Marketing. To have on their side a senior communications and public relations agency that can talk to CEOs and management, capable of handling each and every channel and need with extreme speed and efficiency.

And the clients who will grow up

Professionals and ambitious small businesses can enjoy Deep Marketing offerings optimized for their needs. We leverage a mix of Artificial Intelligence and agile project management to keep costs under control.

Molte agenzie si specializzano perché è semplice e economico.

But clients deserve the opposite: a reliable partner who can offer and manage every marketing and communications service with the same expertise and precision. Fluently, as needed.

That's why I created Deep Marketing.

Francesco galvani

Founder & CEO

Our offer for you


01. Branding

Deep Marketing is the only Italian agency to design brands scientifically, following the evidence of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

02. Sites and Development

With developers, art directors and IT Architects, we guarantee you excellence from the small site to the large international shop with complex apps and infrastructure.

03. Analytics and SEO

Deep Marketing provides its clients with its advanced proprietary technologies for conversion analysis and search engine SEO improvement

04. Strategy

We are managers. So we think in terms of goals and means, not individual tools. That's why you will always have the big picture and no improvisation.

05. Advertising and PR

From Google Ads to international PR actions, we always reason on a marketing mix that can guarantee the greatest results and visibility in terms of public relations and advertising.

06. Content Marketing

We are known and respected for our top-notch content marketing. Social media, newsletters, blogs, copy and releases-no amateur work.

All our services

Evidence and Insights

Marketing is a soft science, not a point of view. That is why we strive to simplify the scientific evidence of the discipline and offer small lessons in business, economics and psychology.

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