Evidence-based marketing.

We conceptualize brands and business processes from the ground up, and we'll make existing ones shine.
Let's get back to creating solid brands together, well-crafted content and advertising campaigns that attract quality customers.
No more amateurish work.


Our marketing services.

Deep Marketing allows its clients the rare luxury of not having to structure an internal office, not having to manage too many vendors, and not having to think too far in advance about what to communicate and where.

We strive tremendously to give you the peace of mind of having a partner who can professionally manage every element of the marketing mix. Able to give you honest strategic advice. And with the unique flexibility of being able to turn any service and channel on and off quickly.

Marketing strategy and brandbook

Logo, brand name, claim, tone of voice, colors, positioning, persuasive messages, corporate image, scents. Without these mental anchors, there is no hope of attracting excellent customers and wide margins.

Deep Marketing designs brands scientifically, following the evidence of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science.

Online and offline advertising management

Today a brand without advertising does not live. Competition for attention is extreme, and only those who are noticed or remembered can be bought.

Deep Marketing's approach is strategic: from Google Ads down to large magazines and billboards, we always reason on a marketing mix that can guarantee the greatest results at the lowest price.

Online and offline PR and event management

Human beings need contact, relationships, to feel close and involved by people they follow.

Our PR department can intercept influencers, journalists, magazines, and perfect opportunities to put your brand in people's hearts. For every market, across multiple countries, and with shrewd planning on budget and results.

Website development and e-commerce

Without a high-quality website, a company does not exist. It has no dignity. Not only the literature, but also our long experience confirms this golden rule.

At Deep Marketing you will find designers, programmers, e-commerce conversion and user experience experts. From the small showcase site to the big shop, we guarantee excellence.

Social media and content management

TikTok, blogs, Instagram, newsletters, Facebook. Channels of infinite importance for customer relations and Google ranking, but often left to interns or social media agencies to battle.

Our approach is comprehensive and professional. From editorial plan, to creativity, to writing. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is inscribed in a strategy.

Interior design and retail support

We are one marketing department for all your needs. Marketing is not only the virtual world, but also and especially the physical world.

Our long experience as marketing managers allows us to assist brands in identifying retail locations, best practices and tools. And our architects will take care of store design.

Talk about a new project together?
"Many agencies specialize because it is easier and cheaper. How can you blame them?

But clients deserve the exact opposite: a reliable and proactive partner who can offer and manage every marketing and communications service with the same expertise and precision. Fluently, as needed. Always with passion, thanks to dedicated professionals.

This is what Deep Marketing must be all about."

Francesco Galvani

Partnering with ecellent brands.

Deep Marketing is, and has been, the outsourced marketing department of big companies, and big brands. When you have to be serious, when the project is ambitious, when you need to be able to count on people with long experience and proven solidity, we are there.

Click on the logos of some of our clients to access the case study or visit their site.

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A team of professionals for you.

In an age when so many promise easy solutions and shortcuts, we claim the superiority of seriousness, the power of experience, passion and poured sweat. If you are looking for magic beans, you are in the wrong place.

We don't promise miracles, but over many years of working in large structured companies or alongside ambitious SMEs we know what you can achieve with your marketing efforts, how, and with what effort. And yes, we like our customers. So we won't put you through switchboards or endless paper-pushing when you want to talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Francesco Galvani


Veronica Pederzolli

PR Manager

Francesca Stignani

Content Manager

Michael Segala

Advertising Manager

Top ROAS in online sales


Satisfied customers


Clients reputation improvement in one year


Professionals with long experience


Where we come from.

Deep Marketing is a totally atypical agency. We understand clients and become their partners because we have been the "clients" first for many years in the role of manager. And our approach that combines precision, love of technology, obsession with results, and lots and lots of aesthetic taste has deep roots.


Best Corporate Website Among Fashion Companies & Best Climber

The website - conceived and managed by Francesco Galvani, founder of Deep Marketing - gives the multinational eyewear company for the first time two prestigious titles in institutional communications.

Galvani has a master's degree in marketing, is a former programmer and professional musician, and a teacher of web design. A multifaceted profile underpins Deep Marketing's DNA, made up of a love of results and technology, but also of aesthetic taste and art.


Flash Award & Featured in Wired magazine

In the role of marketing manager for the Incotex (Slowear) brand, Francesco Galvani is leading the creation of a revolutionary website, navigable with the simple recognition of hand movements in front of a common webcam.

The project secures wide visibility in Italy, thanks to Wired magazine, and abroad, in contests for immersive technologies on the web.

2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

Most Read Author on Quora Italy and Top Writer

Galvani's outreach work on marketing and science on the Quora platform is rewarded by the public with continuous recognition and the largest number of views in the country.

Quora still remains the testing and experimenting ground for writing techniques and research of emotional levers in verbal communication.


First edition of Digital Deep Marketing

The book Digital Deep Marketing is published, first in self publishing and then through a publisher. A manifesto of our future agency, it is the first in Italy to synthesize a demand-driven approach based on customers' deep needs. In just three classes of strategy and persuasive levers.

For a few months the volume has been in the top ten category on Amazon. Other revised editions will follow and made even more robust.

In 2020 Deep Marketing Growth Hacking is published, an even more practical version of the Deep Marketing method to the challenges of new businesses.


The "virtual" agency

Galvani abandoned his career as a marketing manager and, with Michele Segala and Francesca Stignani, created the first nucleus of the Deep Marketing project as a group of freelancers.

Michele, a lover of linguistics, semiotics and writing, is at the time an advertising specialist who uses his unique skills to achieve outstanding results on Google Ads.

Francesca is a former magazine editor, translator, corporate newspaper editor-in-chief, and freelance content manager.

Summer 2021

Deep Marketing company is born

Increasingly complex projects, increasingly important clients, and an increasingly structured organization lead to the natural choice to create a SRL company.

The client base changes in form and size but not in substance. In the following months, increasingly effective ways of management control, quality control, technology platforms, and management matrices are tested to satisfy more and more markets and clients of different sizes.

Being an outsourced marketing department means boasting a flexibility and speed of execution that is very rare among agencies. But this is our challenge.


Shall we talk about it?

A flash of genius, an idea, the need to find a professional and reliable partner. Any reason is valid to write to us without a second thought or commitment.